The main VSP Parking entrance is via the driveway on Hollywood Way that enters directly into the parking structure, the 2nd driveway from Thornton Avenue.


A second entrance to VSP is located on Thornton Avenue, which enters directly into our outside surface lot.  Each parking guest is personally greeted at the entrance by a crew member and explained the parking options.


Outside Rooftop Parking

VSP’s Lowest Price Parking Option, Outside “Fully-Secured” Parking on the roof of our Parkin
g Structure.  For those parking on the rooftop, we unload your bags before you park, and load the
m onto your shuttle as soon as you are ready to go. After you park and lock your own car on the rooftop, you walk down two flights of nearby stairs to the shuttle. Upon returning from your trip, the shuttle will drop you off next to our parking structure and we will hold your bags downstairs while you get your car. Your bags will be loaded into your car as you exit.



Surface Lot Parking

For those parking in the VSP surface lot, the shuttle picks up both you and your bags right at your parking space. The ride to the airport takes just a couple of minutes as we are conveniently located right across the street from the Airport entrance. The VSP Shuttle drops you off at the “Off Airport Parking Shuttle” stop at the Airport, which is located on the first island from the terminals directly in front of terminal B. Our stop is 150 feet from terminal A and about 30 feet from terminal B and carts are available for your luggage. Upon your return, you will be picked up in the same location by our shuttles that continuously circle through the airport.



Covered Parking

VSP’s Premier Parking Option, Covered “Fully-Secured” Parking on one of our 4 Covered Parking Levels with “Ding-Deterring Pads” hanging between cars to help prevent door dings. Covered Parking helps protect against heat, elements, and dust. Baggage assistance is available by our attendants and shuttle service is provided “On Demand or Every 3 Minutes” from our shuttle stop on the ground level, down a maximum of 1 flight of stairs. Upon returning from your trip, the shuttle will drop you off next to our parking structure.




Getting to the airport and returning to VSP Parking is easy!  Our shuttle circles the airport frequently and we have our own designated shuttle stop at the airport on the first island across from
Terminal B.  VSP Parking can also be reached by dialing 1 on the Shuttle Stop Courtesy Phone. Once on-board, the shuttle will return you to the structure or directly to your car in the outside lot, and you will pay as you drive out. If your car was cleaned while you were away, it will be waiting for you when you step off the shuttle.


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VSP Parking, serving the Bob Hope/Burbank Airport, is located at 2612 N. Hollywood Way in Burbank, California . Thank you for visiting www.vspparking.com For additional information, please call (818) 842-5702.