Pre-Pay & Reserve

By clicking on "Get a Quote Now" below you will be re-directed to a 3rd party "Booking Agent" (Park 'n Fly Network) that will handle the secure pre-payment of your parking at VSP in Burbank. "Pre Pay and Reserve" will guarantee you a parking spot, even when "Free Reservations" are not available due to capacity issues.

Please note: Prices WILL vary from posted rates (both lower and higher depending on demand). "Pre Pay & Reserve" is not necessary to park at VSP although it will guarantee you a parking spot and a quoted rate for entire stay. Additional days and hours not pre-paid will be charged at exit at full posted rates.

No Refunds/Cancellations for "Pre Pay & Reserve" parking.

After booking on "Pre Pay and Reserve", you will be requested to print out (hard copy) of your parking voucher. VSP will collect this parking voucher at the end of trip upon exit and you will only need the first page. 

The printed "hard copy" of the voucher is required.

NO PHONE PICTURES/IMAGES will be allowed. Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.



Click Here to Pre-Pay for Parking At VSP(Click on above link to book Pre-Paid parking at VSP or click here)



FAQ's: Questions about pre-booking your parking online? CLICK HERE to read Park 'n Fly Network's Online Booking FAQ's.

CHANGES: All changes for pre-paid parking at VSP must be made through the Park 'n Fly Network at (800) 325-4863.

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